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How to send and receive Counterparty XCP

The following are instructions strictly for Windows users.

How to receive XCP: Your BTC addresses are the same as your XCP addresses. You can give out a BTC address in order to receive XCP.

How to send XCP: Press Start and type "cmd" into the search bar and press enter to open the command-prompt.

Copy paste the following code into it:

cd %APPDATA%\Bitcoin notepad bitcoin.conf 

Notepad will open, copy paste the following text into it and change the password to something you want:

rpcuser=rpc rpcpassword=rpcpw1234 server=1 daemon=1 txindex=1 

If you have a brand new Bitcoin installation, then sync up the Blockchain and then restart Bitcoin-Qt. If you're already sync'd up, then open a command-prompt and do the following:

cd D:\Program Files (x86)\Bitcoin\daemon bitcoind -reindex 

Now you have to install counterpartyd from this link and follow the instructions on screen. Input the password from the previous steps when prompted for information about your bitcoind set up.

If you did everything correctly, counterpartyd should start on system startup. Let your bitcoind reindex if need be and then restart your machine. Add bitcoind to system startup in Windows or use [this program](D:\Program Files (x86)\Bitcoin) to do it for you. The bitcoind.exe file is located in D:\Program Files (x86)\Bitcoin\daemon

Open a new command-prompt like in the first steps and change location to your counterpartyd folder, default command should be like this:

cd C:\Program Files\counterpartyd 

Then in order to start the server, the command format is as follows:

counterpartyd server 

Open a new command-prompt and change the directory to C:\Program Files\counterpartyd like in the previous step. The format to send is as follows:

counterpartyd send --from=yourxcpaddress --quantity=1 --asset=XPC --to=receivingaddress 

change yourxcpaddress and receivingaddress to whatever address you're sending and receiving from. Make sure the private key for your XCP holding address is loaded into Bitcoin-Qt. You can also change the quantity amount to however much XCP you are sending.


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